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Make It Real

Accelerate Student-centered transformation in the digital era  

Transforming the education system to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions learners need for success in the digital era is a vision shared by K12 educators across the country. Dell EMC helps turn vision into practice. 

Join Dell EMC @ISTE 2018 to discover emerging trends, strategies and the latest technology to make transformation real. Throughout the conference, Dell EMC will be leading interactive workshops and discussions focused on 3 transformation imperatives to support student-centered learning:

  •  Transforming education systems and spaces 
  • Transforming teaching & learning practice 
  • Deploying technology solutions to support learning transformation

Dell EMC Learning Lounge

Monday, June 25th – Wednesday, June 27th during conference hours
Room W195

Visit the Dell EMC Learning Lounge to explore innovative ideas for transforming teaching and learning and to check out our latest EdTech solutions. 

See the full schedule of activities at the Dell EMC Learning Lounge tab and in the ISTE program guide.

Dell EMC Spotlight on Solutions

Is your district inundated with digital content? Join Dell EMC’s spotlight on solutions session, “The Textbook is extinct! Now what?”  Monday, June 25th @ 4:00 pm – 5:00pm in Room W183b.

See the Spotlight on Solutions tab for more detail.

Dell EMC Learning Lounge
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Monday, June 25

Time Description
8:30 - 9:30 Protect your data… and keep your District’s name from the Headline News

Michael Musick; Senior Manager Security Engineering, SecureWorks; JR Balaji, Dell EMC End Point Security: Leah Rodgers, Dell EMC Education Strategist

Recent headlines of ransomware outbreaks is a wake-up call that threats are real and will impact our districts if not protected. Hear real world examples of security threats happening in K12 and steps a district need to take from an infrastructure and policy perspective to protecting infrastructure and end users.
10:00 - 11:00 Designing Space and Technology for Student Centered Learning

Mike Sylofski, Director of eLearning, NERIC; Jeremiah Okal-Frink, Dell EMC Education Strategist; Pam Gaschler, Meteor Education

Do your learning spaces support student-centered learning? If not, join this session for a hands-on workshop to examine how design supports learning goals. Starting with learning purposes, we will reshape the room to create synergy across the digital and physical space. Walk away with valuable criteria for your own initiatives.
11:30 - 12:30 The Great Debate of VR-A novelty or effective use for learning?

David Conover, Video Game Design teacher, John B. Connally High School; Matt Dascoli, Dell EMC Education Strategist

Join our collaborative session as we explore how districts are using Virtual Reality in education and its impact on learning. We will also discuss current and future use case scenarios for education and workplace based on recent VR technology advancements. Audience participation is encouraged and VR equipment available to use.
1:00 - 2:00 From IDEA to Practice: Scaling the Impact of a Coaching Team

Cristin Kennedy, Director of Instructional Technology, Cobb County Schools, GA; Amos Fodchuk , President & Founder, Advanced Learning Partnerships, Inc.; Lauren Hobbs, Dell EMC Education Strategist

Educators become coaches to join a dynamic team in service to deepen learning. Cristin Kennedy and her TTIS’s are forging a bold leadership vision throughout Cobb County Schools. Join Cristin and Amos to explore the IDEA competency model defining their coaching role and process for scaling capacity across the district.
2:30 - 3:30 Unleashing Creativity into the Classroom

Lauren Hobbs, Dell EMC Education Strategist

What does creativity look like? What role does student voice play in the creative process? With focus on students and teachers as co-creators, explore best practices and innovative technologies through an authentic approach cultivating creativity in learning. Experience “hands on” activities as we shift from problem solving to problem finding.
4:00 - 5:00 Explore tech tools that empower inquiry, creativity and collaboration

Dell EMC Education Technology Team

Ubiquitous access to technology, on campus and off, empowers students to take charge of their learning. Explore the latest ed tech from Dell EMC that allow students to create, collaborate and to lead their own learning.

Dell EMC Learning Lounge
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Tuesday, June 26

Time Description
10:15 - 11:15 Student Technicians – Support for Students by Students

Rico D’Amore,Technology Director, Warren Township High School; Tom Osmun, Dell EMC Education Strategist

Student tech programs empower students to develop career ready skills while providing invaluable support to students and teachers. Join passionate educators to discuss how these programs help students learn essential skills like collaboration, problem solving, and time management as they repair devices, support peers, process support tickets and much more.
11:45 - 12:45 Break the (device) barriers to STEM curriculum

Robert Raineri, Senior Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist, Clarence Central School District; Scott Jobe, SLED Solution Engineering, VMware; Snow White, Dell EMC Education Strategist

Technology is essential for providing transformative learning experiences to students. It can also be a barrier when the device doesn’t support STEM applications such as PLTW. Join this session to learn how Clarence Central SD removed barriers to enable equitable and consistent learning experiences from any device, anywhere, 24x7.
1:15 - 2:15 Form follows function: Designing spaces for learning collaboration

Snow White, Dell EMC Education Strategist; Dell Education Technology Experts; Christina Hunter, Barco; Jay Taylor, ActionTec; Dan Ireland, Intel Unite

Collaboration comes in many forms: large and small group, online and in-person, on campus and off. Designing learning spaces to support these varied needs isn’t easy. Join this interactive session to discuss how learning spaces support collaborative learning. Experience the synergy between space design and technology. Explore the latest display and wireless display content sharing technologies that support collaboration needs.
2:45 - 3:45 Media literacy & Citizenship: Teaching students to thrive in the digital era

Amos Fodchuk, President & Founder, Advanced Learning Partnerships, Inc.; Kim LeClaire, Dell EMC Education Strategist

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, students must learn to maintain integrity to make responsible decisions inside and outside the classroom. Learn 10 tips to empower learners to apply digital resources. Additional strategies will be shared to support collaborative creation of classroom media literacy and citizenship guidelines.
4:15 - 5:15 Things I Wish I Would Have Known About 1:1

Jon Gregori, Instructional Technology Specialist, Henrico County Public Schools; Matt Dascoli, Dell EMC Education Strategist

The prospect of a 1:1 brings excitement, fear, confusion but most importantly, an expectation of change. Come learn from districts that looked at their deployment of a 1:1 as catalyst for instructional change.

Dell EMC Learning Lounge
Click session titles to see available presentations

Wednesday, June 27

Time Description
8:30 - 9:30 So Many Digital Tools. How do we know what works?

Karl Rectanus, CEO, Learn Platforms; Adam Garry, Dell EMC title

Ed-Tech/Digital tools analytics is becoming part of the curriculum resource conversation. Do you know if your resources are impacting student achievement? Learn how states, districts and schools are measuring impact and getting valuable data about student learning. Attendees will get resources to use in their own organization.
10:00 - 11:00 Leading Future Ready Learning by Putting ISTE Standards into Practice

Jim Flanagan, Chief Administrative and Strategy Officer, ISTE; Kim LeClaire, Dell EMC Education Strategist

The refreshed 2016-2018 ISTE Standards help leaders keep pace with rapidly changing times. Learn how to put the standards into practice. Begin with a clear vision, add a dash of planning with a pinch of just-in-time personalized professional learning and you are ready with the ingredients for systemic education success.
11:30 - 12:30 Digital playground: Explore tech tools that inspire creation, collaboration and learning

Jeremiah Okal-Frink, Dell EMC Education Strategist; Dell Education Technology Team

We know successful technology integration is not about technology. But… for those of us in EdTech, it is a little bit about the toys. Come to this hands on workshop to play with the latest digital toys, from virtual reality, to coding kits, to the new Canvas workspace. Complete mini-tasks along the way for an immersive learning experience.

The Textbook is extinct! Now what?

Monday, June 25th, 4:00 – 5:00 pm
McCormick Place West, Room W183b

Digital content opens a world of information to students. It also creates challenges. How to choose the right tools? How to measure impact? How to curate paid, OER and organic content? 
Do you need to use an LMS? Join this lively discussion on strategies for tackling this complex issue.


  • Ann-Marie Mapes, Educational Technology Consultant, Michigan Department of Education, @annmariemapes, #GoOpen
  • Karen Greenleaf, Head of Content, Google Education,@karenigreenleaf
  • Jon Gregori, Instructional Technology Specialist, Henrico County Public Schools, @jongregori  
  • Matt Dascoli, Dell EMC Education Strategist

Join the conversation @DellEMCedu

Dell Education Strategists

Adam Garry is a former elementary school teacher and is now Dell's Director of Global Education Strategy. He has presented at conferences around the world and published many articles on technology integration for several education magazines and has a strong following on Twitter. Over the past fifteen years, he has consulted in school districts on school transformation, professional learning, one-to-one, digital curriculum, personalized learning, project-based learning, curriculum and instruction, and leadership. He is the author of “Teaching the iGeneration” (2nd edition published July 2015), and “Personalized Learning Thorough Voice and Choice” (Published November 2017). 

Matt Dascoli is a former K12 science teacher and helped redefine his school district’s approach to professional learning, transitioned the 60,000 student district to Google, making its platform the primary creation tool for both its staff and students bodies and he was the lead architect behind the district’s deployment of 33,000 Chromebooks. Matt now supports Dell’s education customers seeking to deploy 1:1 initiatives.

Lauren Hobbs, is a former educator with experience in district and school-based leadership around professional learning and the design of technology infused learning models. With expertise in leveraging curriculum, assessment and instructional assets to support problem based, student centered learning initiatives in a large school district, she continued to fuel her passion for STEM and creativity, as she designed programs to foster the development of 21st century skills using innovative assets for students of poverty. Her focus within the Dell Education team is on STEM, Innovation and Professional Learning.

Kim LeClaire, served school districts as a Director of Educational Technology. At her core, she is an educator with an elementary level focus and master’s degree in literacy. To deepen the usage of 1:1 devices, she led Blended Learning, STEM and professional learning. Kim’s efforts throughout her digital leadership were honored with the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) Making IT Happen award. This recognition identifies educators and leaders who demonstrate extraordinary commitment, leadership, courage and persistence in improving digital learning opportunities for students. She has collaborated with Malaysia and Singapore to support the ministry of education as well as districts throughout the US with ISTE standards for digital learning.

Jeremiah Okal-Frink, PhD, is a veteran educator, leader and technology integrator. He has led change in teaching and learning through the catalyst of technology in rural, suburban and urban districts. He has been at the forefront of embedding technology initiatives into learning spaces including Web 2.0 and social media, online and blended learning, and more recently one computer per student.

Thomas Osmun, is a former K-8 special education teacher and RTI coach. He has also been a middle school assistant principal, district supervisor of professional learning and an instructional programs administrator. He has facilitated professional learning for teachers, coaches and administrators around problem based learning environments, blended learning, and Professional Learning Community (PLC) implementation. He also has experience in leading a district wide Learning Management Systems (LMS) implementation along with overseeing blended learning courses and curriculum. 

Leah Rodgers is a former K-8 education teacher, vice principal, and principal. She has supported the development and expansion of numerous K-12 Blended Schools, identifying programs and tools to improve school results and key metrics that measure effective outcomes. Leah has extensive experience providing training and professional development to teachers and principals across the country. She has done education consulting and was Vice President of Professional Services at AdvancedPath Academics, where she helped schools integrate data from social-emotional assessments and curriculum to effectively address students’ non-academic needs. At Dell, she is focused on helping schools and districts implement technology successfully so students and staff can achieve their maximum potential.

Snow White an educational thought leader with expertise around Professional Learning and Next Generation Digital Classrooms has been leveraged in programs across the United States, Canada and Latin America. She is a former teacher and has provided professional learning workshops, keynotes presentations, and seminars to thousands of teachers and administrators educating how technology can be used to enhance the learning environments and incorporate authentic and project-based learning tools into their instruction.

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