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Experience MWC with Dell Technologies and VMware

Participate in product demos and ask our experts
Stop by to check out our VR drone demo and learn more about network slicing, Project Dimension, virtual cloud networking, unified endpoint management and more! 

Discover The power of VMware and Dell Technologies together
Come and view our Super Screen which will display our validated suite of solutions that can accelerate your journey to 5G, while preparing you for edge to edge success in the future.

Interact with our Edge and IoT touchscreen
Experience cities of the future in a 5G world as well as an IoT industry showcase where we’ll display solutions in key verticals.

Visit our 5G Immersion Room
Experience 5G in action through product simulations that highlight incredible opportunities for your business. 

Please contact if you are interested in a customized engagement with senior executives from Dell Technologies and VMware.

Blog by Michael Dell, CEO and Chairman, Dell Technologies: The 5G Revolution: It’s not about talking faster • 5G represents the next step-change improvement – moving to real-time, immersive, “always on” services.

• Follow us from MWC and discover how 5G empowers massive progress.

Webinar: The Journey to 5G: A Cloud-Centric Perspective • Learn the critical success factors for enabling a differentiated edge-core-cloud mobile workload execution environment that can cater to edge, mobility and IoT applications

• Enable “5G” platforms for mission-critical application and premium, media-rich experiences

• Achieve increased agility and Mobile Innovation at IT-Speed

Multi-Site Data Center Unification and Preparing for Edge Compute • Learn about best practices for cloud-enablement at the edge

• Enable Multi-Site Data Center Unification

How 5G Relates to SDN and NFV Technologies – Part I: Introduction and History • There is a live 5G network in the cities, but does it work on your phone?

• Why is 2019 the Year of 5G?

• Learn what exactly 5G is and the differences compared with 4G

Video Series: The Journey to 5G –Telehealth: A mission-critical use case portrays 5G “in action” • Gain critical insight on this collaborative effort from Telenor, Dell EMC and VMware.

• Enabling a mission-critical platform that brings the best of cloud-technology and mobility together is table stakes to enabling life-saving applications such as TeleHealth.

• During this session we will showcase how cloud-generation mobility 5G platforms can impact life through low latency, resilient and media-rich emergency services applications.

Video series: Journey to 5G: Findings From a Service Provider Survey • During this session, ACG Research’s Chris Nicoll will share some key insights from the 5G, Edge and IoT infrastructure survey that was conducted with the leading mobile network operators.

• Key insights from the findings will be analyzed, including on evolving infrastructure purchasing behavior and the move to cloud-like infrastructures.

Dell Technologies at MWC´19 • Tom Burns, SVP & General Manager, Networking and Solutions at Dell Technologies, shares the hot topics and solutions for Dell Technologies at MWC´19.

• Let us share how partnering with Dell Technologies helps reduce time to market with next-generation platforms, consulting resources and global execution.

The Journey to 5G: Converging cloud and communications • Gain unique insight on why Liam Quinn, Dell CTO and SVP, thinks 5G services depend on pervasive cloud capabilities

• Learn how the enhanced features of 5G will transition to a mobile distributed computing model, where compute and storage are distributed throughout the network.

Let’s see Cloud Computing and 5G as Two Sides of the Same Coin! • In this interview, Kevin Shatzkamer, VP of enterprise and service provider strategy and solutions at Dell EMC, discusses the role of cloud computing in 5G, the concept of cloud-generation mobility, and how cloud generation mobility tackles the challenge of ever-exploding data traffic.

• The industry is seeing a huge upswing in the amount of data introduced by IoT, edge computing, VR and AR and 5G will only exacerbate the data explosion.

• What will the network infrastructure of the future look like, and how will it handle these new demands? .

• What are the benefits and risks associated with cloud-centric environments, and what role will the cloud play in network transformation?

The Journey to 5G: A Cloud-Centric View • Get insights about how the demand for flexible function and service instantiation, increased agility and intelligence across the edge-core-cloud dictates the infusion of compute and storage capabilities to cater to increasingly diverse and interlinked sets of workload profiles.

• Read how Dell EMC and VMware play a significant role in driving the 5G evolution with its validated Edge Computing, IoT and 4G/5G architectures and solutions.

The journey to 5G: Technology and business practices for a disruptive new era • John Roese, Dell Technologies CTO, states that “5G is not just an evolution or a faster 4G–it’s a whole new concept and it’s as much of an IT project as a telecom effort.”

• Read about the importance of extending the cloud from the data center to the edge.

5G Progress Report 2019 • 5G and IoT Networking: Great Promise Over a Broad Horizon

• The Strong Link Between 5G and Virtualization

• The Journey to 5G: Powering a New Breed of Cloud-Generation Mobile Platforms

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